4 thoughts on “Pondering Pine Cones

  1. Do you have woodpeckers around? If so, this could be the result of their efforts to get to the seeds inside the cones. Years ago, I came across a place in the middle of nowhere where a woodpecker had used a short stump as hold-it for any number of pine cones over a long time. I’ll try and find that picture, but since I have no system in my saved pictures – it may take some time… At least I know which year it was, so that’ll narrow down the search somewhat!

    • This is a Ponderosa pine tree so there are deep gaps between sections of the bark. I’m fairly certain a young person (or people) gathered cones from the vicinity and just sort of jammed them into the gaps. Fun bit of trivia: if you stick your nose into a deep gap in the bark and take a deep sniff, you might smell something akin to butterscotch!

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