Welcome 2021

I admit there is relief in sending 2020 off in smoke last night.

It’s not that our family has had a terrible year; we’ve all remained healthy, those who have work have been able to work. At the same time, the isolation grows both too comfortable and irritating. Living with introverts during this time is fairly peaceful. They are content. I’m learning to be content in this new world and, I suppose, learning how to be an introvert. But I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is real, that a year from now we will be spending time with friends and extended family, attending worship services in person, planning vacations, fully immunized.

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2021

  1. I never thought that this was very comfortable for those that are introverts. I have only one child (and now that I think of it maybe Jim is kind of one too) that is an introvert. I have a vinyl cut out to put on a mug that says “It’s too peoplely out there” so suits my daughter. Here is to a year of being with my Divas and our honorary Canuck in person. The vaccination is somewhat scary but it is really necessary.
    Happy New Year!

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