Cast of Characters

That’s me! I’m Karen, known on an older blog as kcinnova. I began blogging when we moved across the country and I found myself alone much of the time, with 4 kids in 4 different schools and a husband who spent 4 hours commuting each work day. Reading blogs that winter eased the loneliness and brought humor and fun into my everyday life. In time, it also grew friendships. Four years later, I started this new blog when we moved back across the country (we have a well-traveled cat) to the town where we began our life as newlyweds back in 1988.  Most of our extended family lives within a one day drive.
I was a full-time homemaker for 22 years, with plenty of volunteer jobs (and even the occasional paid gig) sprinkled in there along the way. After my husband retired, I began working as a church administrator.

This is my one of my favorite pictures of my group of guys (taken in June, 2011). I am more than outnumbered!

And below is a picture from July 2015 — how they change in just 4 years!

We tilt heavily to boys.

We tilt heavily to boys.

Who’s Who?

Starting from the left…

Humorous-Juniorous (H-J) is now in his second year at the university. He is majoring in biochemistry. When he’s not visiting us here at home, he lives 6 hours away on the other side of the state. We miss him.

The Scout (formerly known as SnakeMaster) is our Resident Teenager. He’s a cross-country runner who, appropriately, loves being outdoors and surrounded by nature. This boy will camp outside in any weather (as evidenced here) and is working toward his Eagle Scout badge. He might be old enough to drive the truck, but he’ll always be my baby. (Shhh… don’t tell him that!)

SuperDad (SD) is my wonderful husband. He retired after 21 years in the U.S. Army, and with time on his hands, he couldn’t say no when the troop needed a new Scoutmaster.  He truly loves being retired and hasn’t been bored for a single day. There is always something to do — chop firewood, walk the dog, read a book, go skiing or fishing or hiking… the possibilities are endless. And of course, there is always the shopping for and preparing of meals.

The Barefooter (a.k.a., Encyclopedia Blue or EB) spent 3 years in college before deciding he didn’t want to be there. Now he is renting a room from us and figuring out what to do with his life. Maturity has taught him things like trimming his beard and wearing shoes for weddings and work, but he is barefoot the rest of the time in all seasons. I’ve gotten used to it.

The Author (once known as Rapunzel) is my beloved daughter-in-law. She is talented with a sewing needle, a crochet hook and yarn, and has written her first novel, although her college degree was in Animal Science. The Author has also been working on a big project* that is due December 1, 2015.

The Engineer (formerly known as MusicMan or MM) is my oldest son. Like his wife, he graduated with one degree and is now working in a different field. I haven’t seen him with an instrument in his hands for a few years, although I’m sure his abilities would return quickly. The Engineer‘s schooling specialized in chemistry and math, but he is now working for an electrical engineering company.  He’s a hard worker with a bright future, but I’m perhaps most impressed that he and his lovely wife make time for each other and fun with friends. We are always happy to see them for a visit.

Little Foot and the green star

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Little Foot (*son of The Author & The Engineer) is somewhat hidden in the above photograph, but he is much more visible now.


This precious bundle of joy is our first grandson. born on 7 December 2015.  I wish they lived much closer to us.

Back in Spokalulu, our house wouldn’t be complete without:

Cleopatra the Cat

…and her nemesis, the black dragon:

DSCN1287 chilly Moses, resized   Moses