Waiting for Warm-up


When you choose to not drive…


and leave your car at the side of the road,



the snowplow will eventually come by…


to ensure that you go nowhere.


Joining in with Carmi for this week’s Thematic Photographic: messy.
The driving around here is particularly messy now that we’ve started to thaw during the day and ice back up at night.

Auto Refle(x)ctive

The Common Household Mom reminded me that this week’s Thematic Photographic is Reflective. That seems to fit nicely with the classic cars on show at the local street fest today, so I snapped a few pictures before my camera battery conked out on me. (It’s a sad day when I last longer than the camera!)

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Head on over to Carmi‘s place for more Reflective shots.

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!

Knox Sanctuary Window.jpg  4x6 resized

I owe you the truth: I truly do love my job.  I work in an old building, parts of which were built in 1917 (above), 1926, and 1958. Sometimes, the places where those parts come together have a bit of oddity– like the juncture of various roofs that recently sprung a leak:

A meeting of 2 roofs from different eras. There is a 3rd juncture which is not seen in this picture.

A meeting of 2 roofs from different eras. There is a third juncture which is not seen in this picture.

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Somewhere up there is the source of a leak...

Somewhere up there is the source of a leak…

My husband was the one who manufactured this awesome drainage system in the midst of a heavy rainstorm. The water had been coming in at the rate of 2 gallons an hour.

Knox temp. repair

The good news is that once everything dried up after that storm, the guys investigated the problem, the leaky seam was sealed, things are being dried out and we will soon have a “new” bathroom.

We have a couple of handy men who voluntarily keep us in working order. I love it when they show up each Tuesday, even if I feel foolish when I walk by a room, glance in, and suddenly squawk, “There’s water on the floor! Water on the floor!”  (This was last week and completely unrelated to the roof or drainage system.) If they hadn’t been there, I would have been the one looking for a mop and bucket. Instead, I was the one sheepishly going back to my desk and they were the ones mopping up the mess.

It’s not all patch and mop around here. Sometimes there are flowers, cat art, and history.

This particular stained glass piece reminds me of a watercolor landscape painting.

This particular stained glass piece reminds me of a watercolor landscape painting.

And of course, there are some beautiful stained glass windows.

Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic this week is focusing on where we work. Click the link to join the fun!

Time Warp Tuesday: Multiples

These pictures line my hallway. It’s always fun to get people to guess which boy goes with which picture!

Time Warp Tuesday 2yo EB, MM Time Warp Tuesday 2yo SM, H-J

Yes, they are brothers.  Yes, each of these photos was taken at age two.  Yes, I saved the outfit.


Time Warp Tuesday is brought to you by Jenn at Juggling Life. Visit here to see the other participants and their photos.

I’m a bit late to be joining in with Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic, but his “multiples” theme last week inspired me to share these pictures of my two-year-old sons.

On the Water in Westport, WA

2012 August beach vacation 006

Before school started in September, the four of us made a quick trip to the coast.

2012 August beach vacation 051

2012 August beach vacation 017

2012 August beach vacation 027

2012 August beach vacation 036

A harbor seal checks out the fishing boats when they dock.

A harbor seal checks out the fishing boats when they dock.

2012 August beach vacation 004

2012 August beach vacation 069

Carmi at Written, Inc. hosts Thematic Photographic.  See more on the water here.

Quiche for Dinner

Since retiring over a year ago, my husband has taken over much of the day-to-day preparing of meals. Last week he prepared a fabulous quiche with spinach and mozzarella and finely minced ham. Even the boy who doesn’t like meat [except hamburgers, hot dogs, salmon, and the occasional chicken nugget] gobbled up two servings of this beautiful entree.

Eating by candlelight might have helped, too.


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[With apologies to the vegans, vegetarians, and those who follow a Kosher diet]