What is it? Wednesday — the race course

I almost forgot to post tonight, so I’m getting this in just “under the wire”… or under the flags…

wiiwLast Wednesday I posted this picture. Carolyn had a good guess with a farmers’ market marker, but it takes a cross-country parent to recognize those flags! Melissa knew it was part of a course, although it wasn’t the finish line — just a marked section on a hillside. Here is the full photograph:


The Scout ran his first meet of the season last Wednesday. He’s had a late start due to his fall on July 3rd and subsequent concussion. His head started hurting 2/3 of the way through the 5k last Wednesday, although he did well on Saturday at his second meet. Unfortunately, he had to come home early from school today with a headache that got worse as the morning went on, so he did not race in today’s meet. After taking a 3-hour nap, he and SuperDad went down to watch and cheer on the team, however, because that’s what they do.

My understanding is that there really isn’t anything you can do to hurry up the healing from a concussion, but he’s got an appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks to discuss his progress and setbacks.

Vapor Trails

DSCN9444 cropped for What is it Wednesday Last week, I shared this tiny clipping of a picture, which Hilary guessed correctly in one of her 3 choices.

The full picture is below.

DSCN9444 What is it Wednesday, airplane and vapor trails

Vapor trails can be more than just a Rush album.
And oh! that blue, blue summer sky…

I’ve got a busy week or so ahead of me, so I’m refraining from adding a new What is it? Wednesday picture for now.


Bark at the Moon (Wii?W)

Here is the picture I shared last week.

Confession: I was hoping someone would guess caramel-marbled brownies!

DSCN9441 What is it Wednesday, 7.13.16

Janet  (from whose now-comatose blog I stole the “What is it? Wednesday” meme) guessed it was toast, and Carolyn guessed it was a “cross-section of a malted milk ball.”

Unfortunately for all of us, this isn’t food unless we are termites.

Melissa made three guesses in a single comment:

Rye bread!
Tree bark?
Snake skin!

As you can see here, it’s a small cross-section of bark from a felled tree.

DSCN9441 What is it Wednesday, bark

Now if I can just get that old Ozzy Osbourne song out of my head!


DSCN9444 cropped for What is it WednesdayNow here is this week’s picture for your guessing pleasure. Please be very specific in your guesses! As always, bonus points are given for creativity.




from dragonfly to ??

I obviously made last week’s “What is it? Wednesday” picture too easy.  Here is the full picture of the dragonfly:

DSCN9561 4x6 What is it Wednesday, cropped dragonfly

This week I’ll try to challenge you a bit (or perhaps not) with this picture:

DSCN9441 What is it Wednesday, 7.13.16

What is it? 

Please leave your best guess in the comments below. Bonus points for wild and crazy details!


The missing bike (and more Wii?W)

Last week on “What is it? Wednesday” I shared this photo:

DSCN2506  What is it Wednesday

For those that guessed a cut cable, you are correct.

Our resident teenager rode his bike 2 miles to the school on graduation Saturday, locked it up and walked the next mile to the event center where the band was playing for graduation. For some reason he didn’t think there were any places to lock up a bike at the opera house (there are — in the parking garage, where he didn’t think to look). Three hours later, he returned to a cut cable, no helmet, no bike.
He walked the three miles home and silently showed us the remains of his transportation.
DSCN2506  The remains of the locked up bike  WEBSIZED

It wasn’t a new bike — I had purchased it in 1989 and it had a busy life for the past 27 years — but it was solid, reliable transportation.

K on bike at Burnt Ridge farm

That’s me in the photo above, circa 1989, riding on the farm; in the photo below, I’m preparing to haul 100 pounds worth of offspring in Germany, circa 1997.  I miss that younger, stronger version of me and the fun of living on the outskirts of Heidelberg.

K with bike in HD-Wieblingen

It is frustrating be minus a bike, especially for a 16-year-old who merely wanted to save gas money and parking fees, which is why he didn’t drive his truck that day. Driving would have been easier — have you ever biked with a trumpet?  But we raised out kids in a frugal lifestyle and it has successfully passed down to the next generation. Of course, we reported it stolen, but in a city with a population of 200,000 people, we don’t expect to see it again.

Our kind next door neighbor has gifted us one of their bicycles: 10 years old, ridden once. It’s a little short for The Scout but it’s a thoughtful gift and the price was right.

Here is this week’s photo clue:

DSCN9561 4x6 What is it Wednesday, cropped

What is it? 

Please leave your best detailed guess in the comments below.