Interrupted by a brain hemorrhage

leaf filtered Eclipse crescents

multiple crescents
green leaves filtering sunlight
viewing the eclipse


Pardon me, Emily…

Hope is a green shoot   (websized)

In Search of Sunshine

hope is a green shoot
pushing away the debris
of last year’s dead growth


Wonderful Weekend

DSCN7499  Smiley boy, 4x6  WEBSIZED

DSCN7514  boy with gray eyes  WEBSIZED

DSCN7536  Sleeping Dino baby WEBSIZED

THAT FACE!!  websized

weekend with baby
definitely worth the price
(ankle swelling, pain)

DSCN7558 Oma & Little Foot, self-portrait 4x6, WEBSIZED

I love this little boy so very much! 



DSCN7369 Peppermint stripes, websized 4x6

shades of peppermint
unfurling in the light
a candied flower

DSCN7367 two blooms, web-sized



Reaching for the light

DSCN7078 Reaching for the Light, resized

new day, new journey
attempting dorsiflexion
reaching for the light

trying for plantarflection


Red Star Fallen

Red Star Fallen

one, then another
leaves drop like gentle snow or
dying universe


Fiddlehead Fern

slowly unfurling
this tightly closed scroll of green
will it play music?

fiddlehead fern, Mt.. Spokane


And when I wake…

Summer morning view out my window

sunny faces nod
behind them, blue sky, green trees
golden good morning

Summer morning view, closer


Seasonal Shift

DSCN5505 Cactus in bloom

Who told you to bloom
when it isn’t Christmastime
but now in mid-March?