Petals fall like snow

bright and soft, we begin our lives
held tightly, nurtured, protected

we strain against that which holds us
seeking freedom, growth

but do we understand
that by our declaration of independence,
we are forever changed

Eating Hawaiian Style

Tiki Bar, day 1, WEBSHARE cell picTiki Bar for lunch on our first day? Yes, please!Tiki Bar, day 1, waiting for lunch, WEBSHARE

Tiki Bar statue, WEBSHARE

Poi donut, WEBSIZED

Poi Doughnut

SPAM MUSUBI, websizedPineapple Smoothie at PCC, WEBSIZEDDole Whip, a.k.a., Pineapple SherbetDay 1, MaiTai at Hale Koa WEBSIZEDSweet Treat at the Hale Koa, Day 1 ,WEBSIZED

Day 3, Mango Coffee Coconut Shaved Ice

REAL Shaved Ice: Mango, Coffee, and Coconut





Life’s a Beach

No one person can own a beach in Hawai’i, nor can a hotel or a corporation buy up the beaches. There are a plethora of parks — some owned by the city of Honolulu, some owned by the State of Hawaii — and of course many hotels perched alongside the beaches, but the beaches are for the enjoyment of everyone.

DSCN8342 (2) Blowhole, WEBSHARE

DSCN8325 Hike to spitting cave, WEBSHARE

I did not traipse down this steep path, but SuperDad and our hostess took the trail between million-dollar homes to check out the “spitting cave” and a memorial marker for those who had lost their lives jumping from the rocks (it’s not a good place for cliff diving).  Beach access is part of keeping the beaches open to all. 

Day 1, Hickam beach, Honolulu airport, WEBSHARE

Bellows Beach boogie board, WEBSIZED

Bellows Beach Rainbow

Bellows Beach, getting tanned WEBSIZED

Paradise at Bellows Beach, WEBSHARE

Truly Paradise.  *sigh*