Ten on Tuesday, with cats!

1. As I write this, it is 10am and a lovely 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Last week it was in the mid- to upper-90’s. Y’all, that is seriously hot for a middle aged woman house without  A/C. It was also too hot for the other female in my home:

Too hot to play with a pencil

2.  With a hot weekend on the horizon, we decided it was best to take the cat with us to the grandparents’ house. They were out of town so we didn’t have to ask permission and their house has air conditioning!

Zen Cat is undisturbed by the teenage driver.

3. Cleopatra is a good traveler. She was confused (I think I heard her say, “Please, please don’t let this be another cross-country move!“) but ultimately glad to be with us for those 3 days.

happy to be home once again

4.  On Sunday evening, I think I even heard her singing:

Hey, it’s good to be back home again!
Sometimes this old rug feels like a long-lost friend.
Yeah — hey, it’s good to be back home again.

5. Do I owe John Denver an apology for that?

6. We actually had a purpose involved with the 3-day, 5-hour round-trip drive, aside from the  obvious pleasure of air conditioning — this past weekend was SuperDad’s 30th high school reunion.

7. I had never before observed my introverted husband enjoy that much socializing. I am still in shock awe over his display of conversational stamina.

8. While SuperDad was becoming overloaded with the socializing at a pool party with the boys, I was out shopping. Normally, I dislike and avoid shopping, but I was bit by a shopping bug (different than the ant bites that have been driving me crazy for the past 8 days!) and scored 2 new skirts and 2 new tops at a sale. The tiger-print maxi dress, however, was nixed by my husband after I modeled it for him. *sigh* I’m sure he is correct, but I did like it. (My tastes may be questionable.)

9. Part of the rationale for buying new clothes was to have some business casual to wear to work. Not that I have a job yet. Details, details! Actually, I have a 2-week volunteer gig this month where I need to show up in something nicer than my usual attire, and I have begun to look for some part-time work. Last night I discovered why it is a bad idea to fill in applications when one is tired; my online application does not have a visible way for me to correct my typo on my Social Security number. (This is especially embarrassing because it is an application for a secretarial position.)

This is the lovely Mrs. G. and her infamous cat folk art painting.

10. Kitty Gigantica is coming to my house! She will be here on Monday evening, along with the wonderful Mrs. G.  They have been on an epic driving tour of the U.S., and my house is her final stop before she heads home to rest up for the West Coast leg in September.

Karen with Kitty Gigantica

<– This is me with Kitty Gigantica last September at Mrs. G.’s house.  People, that is some seriously awesome cat folk art. I have beheld it with mine own eyes.

A Tuesday Ten +1

1. WordPress is still giving my commenters a hard time. I’m sorry, friends! If it keeps up, I might have to switch over to Blogger…  *sigh*

2. SnakeMaster and H-J have been playing the harmonica lately. At first, we thought the cat liked it. She would come from the other room and climb up on the person playing softly. She’d even purr! But tonight, she nipped at SM’s elbow while he was playing. It might have been the vibrato…

3. SuperDad also discovered that Cleopatra doesn’t like Cat Yoga. Sorry, there is no video going up on YouTube.

4. I tried learning how to Skype. It worked with our B-I-L (who uses it all the time with his adult kids) when he was giving us a tutorial over the phone while skyping, but when I tried it, it was either soundless on my end or the feedback was so awful that the cat punched me in the leg. (Really — she meowed and tapped incessantly until the feedback was silenced!)

5. The podiatrist is about to be $500 richer — directly from my bank account to his office, since orthotics are not covered by my insurance plan. He’s also not a fan of barefooting. I’m sure he’d be horrified if he saw my 19yo son, who hasn’t worn shoes for the past year.

6. In an attempt to kick-start some weight loss, my personal trainer (SuperDad) has put me on a 2-week Atkins induction plan.

7. I cried today because I couldn’t eat an orange.

8. I’ve been sipping green tea all day long to try to sooth a sore throat. It’s especially helpful after a coughing fit. After all, I can’t have orange juice or a popsicle.

9. We took a twilight walk in the NOT SPRING air after supper, but I only made it 6 blocks before an elephant sat on my chest. The cold wind, my tired lungs, and general lethargy got the better of me and my plan to walk to Wally World for a bottle of periwinkle nail polish. (I wanted something to cheer myself up. Besides, the bright green polish from Friday night is wearing off.) 

10. Always in the back of my mind this spring is my mother’s cancer. March 15th marked the one-year anniversary of the surgery that let us know how bad it really was; she died exactly 3 months later. It is strange to me how affected I am at this time of year, but I suppose it makes sense… I was there for 10 days when she came home from the hospital. It probably also has something to do with the fact I stayed at her house for 24 hours last week. Grief and remembrance are peculiar beasts.

A little of this, a little of that

[click on photo to embiggen]

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but really — when is it not busy?  Here are 5 bits and pieces of what has been going on in my life:

1.  I returned to my mother’s house, sans menfolk. I transferred ownership of her cat to my cousin, since things never did work out between Fiji and Cleopatra. I spent a couple of days helping my SIL go through stuff and prepare for an estate sale.  I cheered on my nephew in football on Wednesday evening. And I wrote yesterday about my wonderful time with Mrs. G, who lives in the same town where my mother lived.

2.  The photo above wasn’t taken on that trip, however; I took it after we dropped our college sons off at the university back in mid-August. If you click on the photo, you will see it is more than a PINK SATURDAY submission… there is a rainbow coming down from the pink clouds.

3.  Last night was the final night of classroom driver education for H-J. He still needs plenty of practice (i.e., I still wish my minivan had a brake pedal on the passenger side!) but at least we no longer have to set aside 3 hours, 3 nights per week.

4. Tonight my beloved MIL & FIL are in town for the high school football game. H-J is playing in the band and his cousin (different nephew than above) is the excellent kicker on our mediocre team. Seriously, this kid is good: he can kick a 42-yard field goal. But he prefers soccer and basketball. H-J prefers band.

5. My sister is also going to be in town tonight. I brought back her final load of belongings from our mother’s house, and she is making a 2-day round trip to pick it all up. I think it only saves her 3 hours of driving, but I was most interesting in having some time together. We have seen very little of each other since she went off to college when I was still in middle school.

That is what has been happening in my world. What news do you have to share?


Thanks to Aunt Snow over at Doves Today, I’ve been inspired to join in PINK SATURDAY, hosted by Beverly at the blog “How Sweet the Sound”. Let the color pink inspire you!

Benefits of Blogging

Karen & Mrs. G.

One of the great benefits of blogging is meeting wonderful new people online. And occasionally, one is lucky enough to actually meet those people in person.

I met Mrs. G. two summers ago (and blogged it here).  Last Thursday evening, I had the privilege of spending several hours with her. We were chased out of a restaurant and then a wine bar.

Silly managers, why do you close so early?
We wanted to talk! 

The infamous kitty picture is no small print!

For the record, I have loved her kitty picture for a long time. It’s Folk Art, people, and it now hangs in her writing room — a beautiful writing room! with a view! — but she let me hold it for a photograph.   🙂

That emoticon is for you, Heather.   😉