High Summer

Summer is going strong here in mid-August. On Saturday there were at least two big events going on within 3 miles of my house: a brewfest of craft beer (of which I was sadly unaware until the final 6 hours) and the annual street fair. After brunch that morning, SuperDad and I headed over to the street fair. I told him he could probably find me near tie-dye. 2012 August 11, Garland Street Fair 011
I adore the bright colors! In another life, I could dress like this on a regular basis.

Before long I had wandered over to the classic car display.

Oldsmobile 1951 Super 88, websized

1951 Oldsmobile “Super 88”

DSCN9851 Old blue Ford, resized

This beauty is owned by a man I know. He was looking forward to driving it to get licorice ice cream after the car show ended.


Ford Model A 1929, websized

1929 Ford

When I walked over to take a picture of that orange car my camera announced, “Battery Exhausted” and shut down. At that, we decided it was getting too hot for us on sunny pavement and headed for a free (air conditioned!) show at The Blue Door improv theatre. It was a great way to cool down before heading home.

Now that we’ve finally settled into a pattern, our temperatures hover in the mid-90s during the day (35°C) and generally cool off to 60°F (15°C) at night. Since we don’t have central air conditioning, SuperDad keeps the house relatively cool with strategic use of fans. This works really well unless the air outside is too warm or full of smoke.

DSCN6655 websized

Mt. Spokane sunset, August 2015

Unlike last year, we are blissfully free of smoke-filled skies. The sunsets were beautiful but the air quality was terrible. I’ll take clear skies over breathing bits of ash.

There are always a few days or even weeks when we wish we had A/C — I can’t sleep when it’s 80°F/27°C at midnight — but by late fall even I have forgotten those nights when I cannot sleep because it’s too hot in the house.  For mid-day use on a hot day, we have this awesomeness:

DSCN2594 This is how we stay cool in August

Note the sheet closing off the doorway, the a/c unit* venting up the fireplace flue and draining into the plastic tub on the floor.  (*It’s a dehumidifier as well as an a/c unit.)  Our windows do not open in such a way to accept a/c window units, so this is our one and only solution for summer cooling.

I suppose that technically we could all sleep in the living room on hot nights, but that would be too much family togetherness for me. I don’t even camp in a tent with that many people anymore — a 6-person tent is cozy enough for just the two of us old married folks. I need breathing space!

I’m still a little bummed that I missed out on the Brewers Festival — with tastings from some of my favorite breweries (Bellwether, Icicle  and Iron Goat to name a few) but I can only manage a certain amount of walking in a day before needing to elevate and ice my ankle, and no amount of jonesing for a Second Breakfast, Goatmeal Stout or Dark Persuasion* can change that.  Saturday was my 9-month breakiversary. I’m going to see a doctor on Thursday to ask about continued pain and swelling.


*Just writing about those 3 draughts of deliciousness made me thirsty! I’m signing off now to get get a drink of water. Happy Monday! 





There’s No Place Like Home

It’s been a busy weekend.

On Friday evening, we were off at the Boy Scout camp, visiting SnakeMaster for “family day.” (My previous post, however, brings into question the family aspect of it.)

But on Saturday? Weird things were happening. There must have been a doozy of a storm or something! Our local business district was closed to motor vehicle traffic, and people (over 20,000 people!) were walking around in the heat, looking a little bit… odd.

Toto Two?

Back off, grammarly friends, it was intentional!

There were all shapes and sizes of Dorothy look-alikes.

A tiny Dorothy and a Scarecrow, too!

Auntie Em’s Plate Break

Do you remember this post  (I used the green leafy bike rack on Saturday) about the Garland Business District?  As you have probably guessed from the photos above, this past Saturday was the Garland Street Fair. It was the 10th annual such event — a tribute to Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz, and a great way to familiarize others in the city with this fun and funky business district.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Ferguson’s Cafe

As previously reported, these two landmark businesses have been repaired and reopened after being gutted by a fire last fall.

The Milk Bottle, open for business!

Huckleberry Ice Cream

But if cupcakes and music are more your “thing”…

We’ve got those, too!

Where there’s music and street fairs, there’s an abundance of Tie Dye. This was just one shop of several set up on the street along the Yellow Brick Road.

Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow…

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue!

This local landmark  participates into the festival, too, by showing the Wizard of Oz even lower prices than its normal discounted rates!

The sun was hot and the beer gardens looked very tempting, but I decided it would be safer for me to get on my bike and ride home to have a tall glass of cold lemonade.


Next weekend there is a Lentil Festival in the little town where my kids go to college.
If I’m lucky, I’ll get to try some lentil ice cream. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!