Memorial Day at Manito


DSCN9181  red rose with many buds, websized

Last Monday, SuperDad and I had a picnic brunch up at our favorite city park. The rose garden was not yet in total bloom, but here and there were some lovely roses to smell.

DSCN9199  yellow rose with bee, 4x6  WEBSIZED

The bees were certainly busy.

busy bee in Allum, flowering onion 4x6 cropped

DSCN9217 Allium (flowering onion) in perinneal garden WEBSIZED

The perennial garden almost always has something lovely for my camera to capture. The [both photos above] purple flowers are Allium, or flowering onion.

DSCN9272  WEBSIZED Duncan Garden, sunken garden, freshly planted not yet mature, May 30. 2016

The formal sunken garden has been planted with annuals, as it is every spring, but they are nowhere near maturity. In another month it will be quite lovely here.

R is for…

Count your blessings, name them one by one…

I’m using Thursday posts to focus on thankfulness — and instead of counting blessings, I’m challenging myself to come up with them alphabetically.  (You can find the rest of the posts in this series here.)

Welcome to week!

2011 September, Manito 068


Reading — what a gift to be able to read!

You, my dear Reader, are a blessing to me. ♥

Raindrops on Roses  (and whiskers on kittens…)

Queen Elizabeth Roses

Queen Elizabeth Roses

2012 April, Manito Park 042

Time for Reflection…

Please share some things for which you are thankful…

2012 April, Manito Park 008

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Tuesday 20: Roses!

Elegant Lady


Voo Doo




Veterans’ Honor

Princess Margaret of England

Glowing Peace

Artistry rose


Prima Donna rose

Pink Promise


Brigadoon roses

Henry Fonda roses

St. Patrick rose, with a green grasshopper!


variety unknown

I do not know the names of these last two roses. I failed to record the variety when I took the photograph. Can you help me?

unknown variety

The red rose to the right is a Black Magic, but what is this lovely variety with the pink and cream petals?

Click on any pic to embiggen

Busy as a Bee

Queen Elizabeth rose

Queen Elizabeth entertained a visitor on Wednesday, although she might have thought him to be a bit rude.

These ladies-in-waiting were not amused:

Elegant Lady roses

The New England Asters were hosting a party of their own.

Plenty of PINK was seen, but only these plants could be considered to be on their best behavior:

Obedient Plant

We have had beautiful fall weather here this past week (honestly, for the past two months!) and it was time to make one more trek up to our favorite city park before the autumn rains finally arrive. I never get tired of visiting the gardens!


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MTM: Musical and Magical

I’m not a fan of hot summer weather, but last week I was more than happy to spend some time outdoors. On Wednesday and Thursday evening, Mozart and more was being played in my favorite city park.

Duncan Gardens at Manito Park

My friend ~A~ had two tickets at a table and invited me to join her for the evening on Wednesday. For our ears, there were 3 talented sopranos; an octet of horns, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons; a bassist and a guest cellist. For our eyes, there was the brilliant pink in sunset clouds, the expressions on the musicians’ faces and the candles lit midway through the evening.

We brought along a bottle of wine and wine glasses from home. A simple yet rich dessert of custard with fresh berries was served, along with water and coffee.

The loveliness of linen tablecloths and classical music by candlelight, combined with being able to see the singers’ and musicians’ expressions, made it well worth the $25 ticket price IMO.

Mozart on a Summer’s Eve

Zuill Bailey was there to charm us with his cello — and charm us he did! If you have never heard of this incredible musician, you owe it to yourself to click the link on his name. He is prime mancake  one of the premiere cellists in the world. I regret not having a photo of my own to share with you.

In fact, it was such a wonderful concert that I invited SuperDad and H-J to return with me on Thursday evening. We brought folding chairs (to set up beyond the cordoned-off area for paid seating), a picnic supper, and enjoyed the music for free. While we were not able to clearly see the musicians as they played, our ears could hear, our minds could imagine, and our hearts could swell with the crescendos. In other words, it was a fabulous evening and yet another reason I love living here.

Zuill Bailey is returning in March for the 2013 Northwest Bach Festival. I think I might need to purchase a ticket.