Hi, I’m Karen, known on an older blog as kcinnova. I changed blogs when we moved to a new town and started a new life on the opposite end of the country.  I was a full-time homemaker for 22 years, with plenty of volunteer jobs (and even the occasional paid gig) sprinkled in there along the way. Now that my husband is retired and the kids are mostly grown, the time was right to go back to work part-time. My job as a church administrator is a ministry and a way to pay for my other hobbies:  scrapbooking, quilting, beading, and spending time with girlfriends.


My new hometown is full of spokes—bike spokes. There are bikes everywhere: under kids, under commuters, under anyone who doesn’t have a disability tag hanging from a rear-view mirror. And living here might just produce a lulu of a tale, what with my husband being newly retired.  He says I am his mid-life crisis, and for his first year of retirement, he was my personal trainer and chef.  We survived his crisis, despite not achieving the goal of drastic weight loss (mine, not his — he is naturally thin).  He still makes healthy dinners for us on a regular basis, but he had to scale back on the personal trainer gig. I was not the easiest trainee for a handful (foot full?) of reasons, including rebellion on my part. Luckily, he still loves me.  We’ve been married for more than 30 years and have 2 kids still at home.

What is Project Trophy Wife?

My husband is my full-time personal trainer, most-of-the-time chef, and sometimes thorn in my weight-loss & exercise side. Together, we are on an adventure of his retirement from a 21-year career while we improve my health and fitness.

Year One produced 6 months of sweet success, July through December. Then came Christmas and he gladly handed off cooking duties to me. I managed to maintain my weight through the holiday season, but despite turning most of the cooking back over to him in January, I’ve merely gained and lost the same 5 pounds ever since. Snacking and lack of exercise (foot pain sidelined me much of the spring) are the biggest detractors.

Year Two began with the older kids back at college and the younger kids preparing to start back to their schools, too. Instead of getting back to those early morning walks, I returned to the podiatrist for a few more visits… and then foot surgery at the end of November.  I had hoped to be walking regularly for exercise in early 2013, but post-surgery complications made that impossible.

Year Three had me still struggling with foot pain, although not as much as before surgery.  I manage it with NSAIDs and stretching and going barefoot as much as possible. I am barefoot at home and also at work much of the time.  My goal this year is to get back to walking for exercise twice a day and to return to some gentle hiking.  Hopefully this will also spur some weight loss as well.  I hate dieting and much of it doesn’t work for me — something I discovered over the past 30 years — so exercise is going to have to be the vehicle for weight loss; managing my diet is what will keep me on-track.

Year Four was more of the same, and I almost didn’t update at all, but then on November 13, 2015, the biggest change of all arrived: I fell and thoroughly broke my ankle in a non-spectacular but incredibly painful trimalleolar fracture. After external reduction — and reduction of excessive swelling — I had surgery (5 hours in length) on November 25th of that year, and there is now a small hardware store in my left ankle.  While spending 6 weeks in the stranded turtle position, I was at the mercy of my husband for all of my needs. Guess who lost 20 pounds?  Every little bit of extra weight lost is helpful as I begin walking again.

Year Five begins as I begin my journey to healing from the trimalleolar fracture, slowly returning to walking with the aid of a walker and a walking boot on my left foot.
My goal is a healthy life and an ability to play with my family; doing this in a pain-free manner would be ideal but possibly not realistic (for that, there are over-the-counter pain meds).

You can e-mail me at spokalulu (at) Gmail dot com or leave a message here.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for suggesting Spokane as a cooler place to spend the summers when I commented over at Derfwad Manor’s recent “bucket list” type post. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle but never thought of Spokane. It sounds great too. I’d like to hang out and scrapbook with you as well. Are you going to the Creating Keepsake Convention in Seattle in November? I just went to the one in Mesa, AZ last month again this year and had fun as usual.

    Thanks for being such as regular, thoughtful and positive commenter at the Manor for so many years. I’ll also add your blog to my regular blog reading list.
    Take care,
    Debbie in AZ

  2. Karen, I’m trying to figure out where you live. At first I thought Spokalulu was some place in Hawaii. 🙂 Then I read this post and learned that the Spoka comes from the spokes in bike wheels. And then I read Debbie’s comment above and wondered if you like in Spokane.
    Will you tell me; or are you keeping your location private?

  3. Hi Karen, I stumbled upon you by googlng ‘compression socks for a trimalleolar break’. Yes, your x ray made me feel much better about mine. I did a tri break in Dec 2016 and AGAIN in Aug 2017. Do you do Facebook or other social media that I can follow you on to keep inspired?

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