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Throw-Back Thursday: the Collegiate Edition

September 18, 2014

8 month old MusicMan, who grew up to become a Cougar instead of a Husky


I married a Washington State Cougar and the two older boys have attended their father’s alma mater. H-J is breaking the mold. Tomorrow I will drive my third-born son to college. He is attending the same university that I went to thirty years ago.

For the rest of the weekend, I will be meeting up with old high school friends at the 30-year reunion. I was much younger then, too. ;)


MTM: Historic Ice Cream Parlor

September 15, 2014

DSCN4623 Doyle's hidden gem

I suspect there are hidden gems in every city. I keep finding them here in my new hometown.

Doyle's Ice Cream Parlor

Doyle’s Ice Cream Parlor

H-J and I were running errands on Saturday afternoon, things he needed to take care of before heading off to college later this week. When we finished our run-about, I took him out for a treat.

Customized banana split for H-J

Customized banana split for H-J

My single scoop of homemade huckleberry ice cream was the perfect size and oh-so delightful.

My single scoop of homemade huckleberry ice cream was the perfect size and oh-so delightful.

This is authentic old fashioned ice cream, made on-site. Quite a few young families came in for ice cream while we were savoring our own, looking around at everything on display and formulating questions.  The woman behind the counter was kept busy with specialized orders so we waited patiently until it was once again just the three of us.

DSCN4593  resized

Doyle’s Ice Cream Parlor opened in 1939. It was perfectly situated near a trolley stop in the West Central neighborhood not far from Natatorium Park.  (Go ahead and click on that link — the story of the Nat is fascinating!) The trolleys eventually went away and so did Nat Park, but Doyle’s has been a neighborhood fixture for 75 years.


With extra seating in the side yard along Boone Avenue

Complete with extra seating in the side yard along Boone Avenue

Tammy Gill

Tammy Gill gives service with a smile and happily tells customers about the history of the store her brother owns.

Tammy Gill grew up just a few doors away from Mr. and Mrs. Doyle and has lived in this neighborhood for most of her life. Her brother, Jerry Gill, purchased the business in 1991 and has slowly added his own special touches including his collection of antique toys.

click to "embiggen"

click to “embiggen”

DSCN4584  Memory Lane

DSCN4610  Doyle's door bell

The old-fashioned door bell

From the cash-only payment policy to the decor to the bell that rings when the door opens and closes, this place is full of nostalgia.

click on any pic to "embiggen"

click on any pic to “embiggen”

Doyle’s Ice Cream Parlor is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. There are just 2 weeks left before the season ends, so hurry or you will have to wait until May to enjoy the atmosphere and the authentic old-fashioned ice cream.

DSCN4582  resized

You can find them on facebook and at 2229 W. Boone in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane. The last day of the 2014 season is Tuesday September 30th.

DSCN4624  resized

Why the cat is miffed

September 14, 2014

Here is the rest of the story from yesterday:

With a name like Cleopatra, it is no surprise that she believes she is the queen of the household.

In her kingdom there is no such thing as a dog in the house or the yard.

Until Thursday evening, when her world was turned upside down.

DSCN1070 cropped, a boy and his dog

We have a new member of the family: a ten-year-old black lab named Moses.

DSCN4522  what the cat saw

This is what Queen Cleopatra saw when she surveyed her domain on Friday morning.

The queen was NOT amused.

Friday Five: Caturday edition

September 12, 2014
What is that?!

What is that?!


No... it can't be...

No… it can’t be…


It is...!

It is…!


How dare you!?

How dare you!?


How could you do this to me?!?  Don't you love me anymore?

How could you do this to me?!? Don’t you love me anymore?


To be continued…

Early September Friday Five

September 5, 2014
  1. DSCN4518 First Day of High School, resized for webIt’s a new school year and a new way of life here in my world at Spokalulu. SnakeMaster is a freshman in high school and Humorous-Juniorous is about to leave for his freshman year of college; Encyclopedia Blue is back at college for year 4 of 5 (or more… it’s hard to tell), and MusicMan and Rapunzel are enjoying a new phase of married life without the burden of college courses. It is hard to believe that in just a few weeks, H-J will be off to college and we’ll be at a 2:1 ratio of parents to kids for the first time in 22 years.
  2. Just for fun, SuperDad and I looked at some vehicles with towing capacity before poking our heads in some glampers on Labor Day. Nothing moves very quickly here so there’s no need for excitement, but in our slow-as-molasses style, we are beginning the path toward a gentler-on-the-aging-body kind of camping. Give us a few years (like maybe when the child over on the right there graduates) but I will be the proud owner of a smallish camping trailer before I am too old to enjoy it!
  3. Working in a church office continues to be a good fit for me. I grew up hanging around church offices (my dad is a retired pastor) and was familiar with much of the goings-on before I took it on as a job. I enjoy making the weekly bulletin (which doubles as a newsletter) and the little bit of worship service planning that I get to do with other volunteers. There is much I need to learn before being proficient in planning a service (what is really a Call to Worship, etc.) and dealing with money/Quickbooks, etc., still makes me anxious (I do not want to mess that up!) but it is both challenging and fulfilling — and really, isn’t that what makes a job worth going to each day?
  4. There are several older people in our congregation whom I have come to love. I see them aging, slowing down — and in the case of one, visibly becoming frailer each week/month — and it makes me sad. It brings brings them closer to heaven but it brings me closer to grief. I tear up just thinking about losing them. When they die, part of my job will be assisting with the planning and carrying out of the memorial services. It is going to be difficult. Last month was the memorial service for a friend’s husband. He had a long-term disease that slowly took his independence away but the ending was a little unexpected. It was actually an honor to find the right picture to go on the cover of the bulletin for the memorial service and make it all look as nice as possible. I hope I can feel the same way when the sweet older man who tells me “anecdotes” passes from this life to the next. His dear wife died 17 months ago and I think he is slowly dying from heartbreak, which in turn breaks my heart.
    *****Okay, time for a tissue break…

    Some of the photo note cards I make to sell, gift, and personally use

    Some of the photo note cards I make to sell, gift, and personally use

  5.  I continue to stay busy with work, family, household responsibilities, and the weekly farmer’s market on Fridays. Lately I have been averaging about $40 in sales each week, which isn’t stellar by any stretch of the imagination but it isn’t bad, either. I am selling my photo notecards (cropped photos on cardstock, blank inside, stamped and signed on the back) and beaded items such as earrings, eyeglass leashes, lanyards, and suncatchers. Since I enjoy making all of these, it is a pretty decent way to spend 5 hours each Friday. (The market actually runs from 3-7pm but I have to factor in the set-up and take-down time.)
Currently for sale

Currently for sale

I confess that my time spent on facebook probably needs an intervention. It is much too easy to park myself on the sofa in the evenings and get nothing of substance accomplished. Instead of doing many useful things that I would actually like to do (read a book, organize my crafting workspace, clean up my clutter that is strewn about the house in various places, decorate for fall, etc., etc.), I find myself engaging in the online equivalent of small-talk. Yes, it keeps me connected with people from all different parts of my life — and many of you that I know from blogging — but at the same time it has taken the place of reading blogs (which help me to form much deeper relationships). There are times when I have to agree with my husband that facebook is evil. (Not really.) (Yes, really.)  It’s true that sometimes after work I am too tired to do anything more than having to produce a “like” but I suspect it is both a cop-out (facebook rarely requires one to THINK) and addiction to easy social media. I feel guilty when I miss wishing people a happy birthday or special events in their lives; however, it is quite likely time for me to take a little facebook “vacation” in order to get back to meaningful blogging.

DSCN4468 Offering

That’s what I have to share today. What is happening in your world? 

Still here… sort of…

August 17, 2014

…but was here…

DSCN3870 resized for websharing,  bird flies UP over sand dunes


DSCN3879  resized for websharing

DSCN3981 web

Hug Point, Oregon coast

DSCN4174 resized for websharing

DSCN4199 resized and cropped boys


From one Oregon coast (Pacific Ocean) to another (Columbia River Gorge)


Columbia Gorge, Wahkeena Falls near Multnomah Falls



DSCN4278  for Trudie P, resized for web


DSCN4295  trail sign



DSCN4282  resized for websharing

…and there.


July 24, 2014

SnakeMaster, age 1 year

This boy

Age three, SM wanted a dinosaur cake. His parents made one with Cheetos... His first (but not last!) Cheesy-Puffasaurus birthday cake

Age three, SM wanted a dinosaur cake. His parents made one with Cheetos…
His first (but not last!) Cheesy-Puffasaurus birthday cake

SnakeMaster's 9th birthday

SnakeMaster’s 9th birthday

SnakeMaster hiking at Yosemite National Park

SnakeMaster hiking at Yosemite National Park, April 2014


celebrated his 15th birthday at Boy Scout camp.


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