Three thousand words

Continuing with the January photo-a-day challenge

January 9th: Daily routine

January 10th: Childhood

January 11th: Where you sleep


10 thoughts on “Three thousand words

    • Thanks, Reb! #9 had me puzzled for a long time before I came up with that idea. The little pedal car fire truck was parked in front of the volunteer fire department in a small town in Virginia. And my SIL made the duvet cover for me. It fits over an old comforter I already had. Someday I will actually make a quilt!

  1. I like your horse light 🙂 I recently bought Dave some Oil of Olay cause his skin was getting a bit flakey. I tried some one day…reminded me too much of my mother, I guess she used it.

    • Janet, the horse lamps were in our living room in Virginia. Funny how things fit so differently in different houses…
      I’ve been trying to get my oldest son to use a bit of Oil of Olay for years now to combat dry skin, but he looks at me like I’m crazy. (I guess he doesn’t know that men’s skin care products have been on the market for years now.) My mom didn’t use it so I don’t have that connection, but I totally get it.

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