Fairy Tale Family pic

I had a plan for My Town Monday which involved taking more photos than I managed to take over the weekend. Perhaps it can show up on Friday as a two-fer (2-for-1 post).

Instead, I can offer you this Time Warp Tuesday shot from the spring of 1995:

Schloss Heidelberg, May 1995

I spent nearly an hour searching for this pic for my husband this morning. “We were standing on the parapet at the Heidelberg Castle. You were wearing your navy blue pea coat.”  I couldn’t find it. He finally remembered that it was in an album he had in his closet. He needed me to photograph it so he could use it in a PowerPoint presentation this Sunday (he’ll be giving a message on the Heidelberg Catechism).

That boy with the determined look on his face is now 21 years old and will be coming home this weekend for his spring break.


5 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Family pic

  1. What a lovely pic. It’s amazing how well we can see our photos in our mind’s eye. I’m glad you found it. Enjoy March break with your baby!

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