Friday Five: Catching up is hard to do

It’s now October, and I’m still not back to regular blogging (and let’s not discuss the status of my feed reader). Consider this my reaching out to keep in touch during a busy season of life by way of letting you know what I’ve been doing these past few weeks:

Fall earrings, Disco ball earrings, and Seahawks-theme key chains, charms, zipper pulls, and earrings -- all for sale

Fall earrings, Disco ball earrings, and Seahawks-theme key chains, charms, zipper pulls, and earrings — all for sale

  1. Keeping my farmer’s market booth stocked with new items — some of these are now up on my Etsy site as well.
  2. Working on a few special orders for lanyards and cards. Normally I only make note cards using my own photos, but a friend is now living in Guatemala and has asked me to make cards using her own photos and those of a mutual friend, highlighting scenes from her adopted country. This is the second time I’ve made a batch of cards for her to take back with her and I like to give credit where credit is due.

    Cards going to Guatemala

    Cards going to Guatemala

  3. I took boy#3 to college on September 19th, had dinner with a few friends on Friday night and then attended my high school 30-year reunion the next night. Most of the people there looked terrific and I even remembered some of them. (I moved to a new city between my sophomore and junior year of high school, so I hope my lack of memory has more to do with so little time spent with them and not a sign of memory loss.)
    Move-in weekend is a stressful time to drive in a University District in a big city.  I must be old because the two late nights of little sleep and driving back and forth across the state wore me  out!
  4. Hopefully all of that driving isn’t wearing out my minivan. She passed this little milestone on that trip:
    Betty turns over 100,000 miles
  5. On my days off, I try to accomplish a few errands and take care of appointments. I’m still going to PT for my foot which is really helping.  I can only hope that my insurance company will see the benefit of continuing those visits.

ANIMAL UPDATE: The dog has taken boy#4 for his very own and hardly raises an eyebrow at the cat. The cat was slowly realizing that the dog will not eat her up… until she looked out the window a few days ago and saw him running in the backyard chasing a squirrel. There went several weeks of progress… she is back to square one, walking around with ears pricked, jumping at the slightest noise. I moved suddenly a few nights ago and her tail fluffed out rather dramatically, the hair on her back raised at least an inch, and she is once again mistrustful of all of us.

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Catching up is hard to do

  1. I, too, am finding out that my capacity to retain energy after Driving All Over The Place is greatly diminished compared to, say, ten years ago.


    Don’t tell anyone back here in Western PA, but if the Seahawk colors are blue and green, then the Seahawk colors are excellent and much more beautiful to dress up in than our black and gold. (I’m cringing as I say that. If word got out that I feel that way….)

  2. The jewellery is lovely.. I especially like the blue and green. Kitty woes are never fun. I hope it resolves before too much longer. And I can’t believe you manage to catch that monumental driving milestone!

  3. I’m glad that you’re happily busy.

    When we introduced a dog to our one-cat household a few years ago, the cat terrorized the dog. The poor dog made the decision to jump up on a couch where the cat was sitting. (The dog isn’t with us anymore, but it’s not because of the cat –she was a very high-maintenance rescue dog and a friend who is much more of a dog-person welcomed her into her home.)

  4. Oh dear, poor cat.
    Nice earrings! Sounds like your cup runs over with good things mostly, which makes me smile while I read your catch-up post.

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