Look! No pic!

It was a busy weekend. No, it wasn’t. I mean, Thursday was busy, since we had relatives coming over. My wonderful MIL brought her serger so I could put rolled edges on the final set of napkins. (I completed all the others on the creativity retreat.) Then we stood for hours in the kitchen, preparing side dish after side dish, doing the very same thing as American women everywhere.  Once dinner was ready and the Thanksgiving prayer was said, plates were filled and I forgot to take a photo of everyone.

Yesterday, SuperDad & I took EB back to college. Today, I slept through the 2 younger boys getting off to school (luckily, their dad was awake and helpful). My brain said, “Let’s go hike to the top of __ [hill with a viewpoint]__”  but where the mind is willing, the body is weak. Turns out, we were both slugs today. The yoga DVD was as much workout as we could manage. I did, however, manage to finish writing the Christmas letter. It has pictures (lucky letter, unlucky blog post).

Inquiring minds wanted to know the outcome of Small Business Saturday. In a nutshell:

  • Roadside independent coffee huts qualify as an SBS purchase.
  • If you like to dress your little dog, I’ve got a shop for you nearby!
  • Need used books or a funky thrift store? We have those, too.
  • There is indeed a fabric/quilt shop at the far end of our local business district.
  • I came, I saw, I purchased …not as much as I wanted to buy, but just enough to provide material (ha!) for a few Christmas gifts. I was there long enough that my husband called me to ask if I was still alive and when was I coming home? so I guess that makes it a successful venture all the way around!

Had I actually remembered my camera and taken pictures, this could truly qualify as a “My Town Monday” post. Oh, well. Better luck next time.


10 thoughts on “Look! No pic!

  1. Gosh, I have a bit of nostalgia thinking about Thanksgiving after reading your post. It was a lovely day.

    I have a sewing machine, but damn… I need to learn how to thread it. (It’s my grandmum’s 1960s model and it’s such a mystery!)

  2. No pic. That’s how my Thanksgiving dinner went! I had an old friend — old as in we were best buds in middle school/high school — come spend the weekend. We had a blast pretending we were teenagers again. We were NOT slugs. We didn’t do any formal exercise, but I bet we walked enough to lap the island twice!

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