My dear M-I-L doesn’t know it, but she inspired this post. (That’s what forwarding e-mail can do!)

CAT math

CAT Twilight Zone

CAT see no, hear no, EVIL (Sabrina)

That black cat reminds me of a cat my mother owned for several years. Sabrina was evil… trust me, I love cats. She was baaaaad news. I think she even considered doing this:

CAT surgeons

CAT Batman

CAT confession

7 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. I’ve had cats that must have had just those thoughts. Like the one who peed on the bathroom rug if she was left alone too long… or the one who ate the canary and managed to look TOTALLY innocent even that he had down around his mouth. I like cats, but I recognize their deviousness at the same time. Dogs – I LOVE!

    • Dogs most definitely show unconditional love. Cats? Not so much, although I think my Cleopatra does a good job being loving. She is smart and also very shy.

      I grew up with a cat that would get mad at my dad if he (Dad) tripped over him (the cat: Johann Sebastian Bach). JB would poop over the edge of his litter box onto the linoleum floor after that happened. Somehow the cat knew who would have to clean up that mess! My dad knew that was the reason, too, after a while.

      My current cat is a really wonderful animal. One of my mom’s cats was a long-haired black cat named Sabrina. She was rather evil in her devious and downright mean manner. My mom eventually stopped defending her bad nature, but it took years of being bitten and watching the cat attack others. That is why I think it is funny that the bad cat in most of these pictures is a black cat.

  2. Oh, these made me laugh! Especially the batman one!

    I’ve owned many cats, both strays and those I’ve raised, and so far luckily I’ve only encountered one that was truly mean. His name was Shadow, and he was raised from a kitten by my FIL. My FIL is not a very affectionate person –a good person, but very poor at expressing any emotion– and I think the cat ended up being kind of anti-social. We adopted it (not knowing) when he remarried. I kept wondering how his wife could dislike a cat so much, but I learned. Lucky for us, he ran away soon after coming to live with us 🙂

  3. These cats were just the thing I needed today for a good laugh. Peter and I also had an evil cat long ago. He was like putty in my hands and really loved Peter and me but he was a holy terror to just about everyone else, except for my father who would share his meals right off his fork with the cat when he would visit. Anyway, he could be so vicious that he warded off burglars when we were newly married and living in a townhouse in Alexandria, VA. He also loved to go “fishing” in Peter’s aquarium on a regular basis. Angel fish feared him! His name was Chat, he looked like Morris from the cat food commercial long ago and, I miss that cat!

  4. I love these! I’ve always been a cat lover, Downtown Dad, not so much. But my daughter brought home a kitten last year, and now, guess who woves his widdle kitty? Yep he’s a convert, at least for this particular one….

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