MTM: The Rose Garden

Welcome to “My Town Monday” — where I gladly show you around my new hometown, little bit by little bit.

As promised on Saturday, I have more of The Rose Garden to share with you. Enjoy!

This first beauty is one that caught my eye because of its pinky-red outer petals and orangey-red center petals. Apparently it had a memorable name, too, because I failed to record that little detail, and short-term memory seems to always be the first to go…

Here in bright scarlet is Opening Night. Can’t you just see a full bouquet of these long-stemmed roses, tied with a velvet ribbon?

And below is a sweet pink variety that goes by the name of Secret. (I think it’s okay to tell you that…)

Gold Medal

This variety, from pale gold to sunset gold, is called Gold Medal.

Memorial Day, with tear drops

For this week, we will say farewell with Mister Lincoln:


There are, of course, many, many more roses in this Rose Garden!

And there are a variety of gardens in this beautiful park. I didn’t have time to visit them all last week, but I will be sure to “take you” to each one in time.  If you missed Saturday’s PINK post with the Queen Elizabeth rose, be sure to go smell see it!