Pass the cookies… the ones I haven’t yet baked

You know that magical, mystical month of preparation that is wished for between Thanksgiving and Christmas? The one I keep hoping will appear before the end of this week? Um, yeah. Today is Friday and I’m gradually realizing that my dream of such a month is only that: a dream.

2011 December 117  wreath

The funny thing about Christmas is that it comes with exceeding regularity every single December 25th, whether or not I am prepared. In this way, Christmas is like a military moving day, which — as my husband is wont to say — comes whether or not a person is ready for it.

In the past few weeks I have continued on in life much as I do the rest of the year:  going to work, taking a bit of time to waste hours on facebook in an effort to avoid reality spend with friends and other loved ones. My days as “Christmas Wizard” seem to have gone AWOL. I no longer set aside the many hours (hours often stolen from other parts of life) to make the Christmas Magic happen. I actually do plan to have the kids set up and decorate the tree with only minimal participation from yours truly. My handling of ornaments is relegated to unwrapping each one from its tissue-paper swaddling cloth. I am content with this job.

I am, quite possibly, too content with the fact that Christmas comes in 5 days. I have yet to mail a single package. I have yet to finish a single sewing project (let alone begin 3 additional projects conjured up in the past 2 weeks). At some point, panic will set in and I will pull some marathon hours in an effort to complete a single project in time to wrap it and put it under the tree. And the Christmas letter that I envisioned sending out several weeks ago? Not yet written.

The panicky side of my brain tells me to GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER ALREADY and to start scurrying about like a headless chicken. The practical side of my brain tells me that running in circles isn’t an effective plan. The panicky Self insists that Christmas is coming — and SOON — whether or not I am ready for it; the practical Self replies, “Yes, you are correct.”

Now if only that additional month of preparation would suddenly appear this weekend…

7 thoughts on “Pass the cookies… the ones I haven’t yet baked

  1. I think one of the pleasant aspects of having older kids is that we don’t have to create the same kind of magic we did when they were young (and thank goodness we were younger too, and had more energy!). I’m betting the kids will just enjoy being home with you for Christmas, especially if you’re not stressed. And if they really want cookies, they’ll bake them.

  2. I’m really just so happy to have the college boy home for a while, nothing else seems to matter. We have one small live tree up and decorated, and maybe we’ll get PinkandSparkly up today.

  3. I have pushed a lot of my usual preparations aside, in order to panic about my part in the Christmas cantata. 25 pages of piano music to learn in 3 weeks = not enough time. My Christmas cards have not been touched yet, and no cookies have been made.

  4. I sent a lot of cards this year which I never do. I have one package to send but there is no rush. I have 3 to wrap but I have until THE day. I’ve put up 1/4 a box of ornaments on the tree which is mostly just lights and that may be all I do as far as decoration. I’m ok with this.l Bring on the movies and the apple cider.

  5. I’ve actually finished shopping which is weird for me. I am having people over for Xmas day dinner and I am avoiding planning the meal. Kind of starting to panic about it…… Wish the kids would stop turning the numbers on the countdown thingy on the mantel. Don’t need a reminder!!!

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