More than weekend warriors

Hell hath no fury like a woman scornedCleopatra has been acting like a wronged woman. She might blame us, but mostly she blames Fiji.


This is Fiji. She was my mother’s cat. After more than a month in foster care (at a neighbor’s home), someone had to bring her home. That someone was me.

If they don’t stop acting like frenemies, I’m going to be begging my cousin to take Fiji.

5 thoughts on “More than weekend warriors

  1. Well, even if they don’t become friends maybe they can just learn to co-exist. I remember years ago that our two cats, who were litter mates, just ignored each other—with an occasional hiss thrown in.

  2. Aww Fiji looks like my old girl (long gone) Topaz.. except for the missing gold splotch down her nose. I hope they work things out. Being new territory for both of them, they’re probably just trying to figure out who’s boss. Once they do, they should settle into their roles.

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