MTM: An introduction

Peeking out the back gate, what will I find?

[click on pic to embiggen]

The boy in the yellow shirt is SnakeMaster, happy to be exploring his new environs.

This park is a huge bonus for living here. SuperDad & I walk in it nearly every morning before breakfast.

I’m told it blooms profusely with wildflowers in the springtime.

There is wildlife here.
We’ve heard reports of deer and coyotes being regulars in the park, and even –once, a long time ago– a moose!

My nose alerts me to nightly skunk activity (okay, that isn’t such a great thing).

Because of the coyotes, we are making sure the cats are in at dark. Cleopatra isn’t sure this rule should apply to her, but she has been mostly in compliance (so far).


Each Monday, I plan to post photographs and a bit of writing about where I live. There is plenty to explore, and I will enjoy sharing my new hometown with you.
I’ve seen a meme on other blogs called My Town Monday — although I’m not sure if it is still active as a weekly meme. Unofficially, that is what I am calling this series.

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