My Town Monday: Grounded

There is an Air Force base just outside my town. When I lived here 2 dozen years ago, our rental house was under the flight pattern for B52 bombers — when one of those planes was overhead, all conversation was useless for at least 15 seconds.   It really was that loud!

Boeing B-52D Stratofortress

Can you imagine looking up and seeing that gaping red grin?

Showing its Vietnam-era personality

Those bombers are no longer flying over my house, although in my new neighborhood we regularly see planes for both the civilian airport and the AFB.

These photos were taken on a beautiful autumn afternoon last October and are just a few of the many pictures I took — hardly representative of the many planes to be seen on display on the Air Force Base, but probably the right number of photographs for this post.  I thought sharing them today, on Veterans’ Day weekend, would be appropriate.

Click on any pic to “embiggen” 

3 thoughts on “My Town Monday: Grounded

  1. When the Blue Angels are at Miramar Marine Corps Base (formerly a Naval Base), are right over our house for about 10 days straight. There is much pausing of conversation, but we definitely consider it to be the sound of freedom.

  2. makes me miss working and living on an AF base 🙂 One time, at Yokota, I was riding my bike on the path that went along the flight line, when a HUGE plane landed and scared the bejesus out of me LOL!

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