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I had an appointment yesterday with a new-to-me ophthalmologist. I hadn’t been to the eye doctor in a few years, but I knew that it was time to acknowledge that things have been going downhill  lately. (That is a loaded sentence, but we’re just going to discuss eyesight today.) 

A couple of years ago, I bought my first pair of “cheaters” — reading glasses that aged me about 25 years in 3 seconds. If you are a middle-aged woman in a book club, you understand the need for reading glasses and wine. You probably also understand the need for additional cheaters placed about your home — one for the desk, one for the bedside table, one in your purse, etc.  There is a reason that Costco sells them in packages of three! I actually own 5 pair of reading glasses; two of them are 1.25 magnification, while my 3-pack was 1.5 magnification.  But those beginner sets aren’t cutting it anymore.  There is also a reason I’ve been trying to get my library books in the large print edition!

As it turns out, my gateway drug glasses have led to bigger and stronger things.

My next trip to Costco will include a 3-pack of 1.75 magnification “cheaters.”  I bet you thought I needed bifocals, right?  I’m clinging by my fingernails to avoid correction for what the eye doctor called “normal” loss of distance vision.”  So today, I am thankful that I can avoid the expense of prescription lenses for one more year.

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  1. I’ve been wearing bifocals for a few years now (also no lines). Wow it took me a while to get used to these progressive lenses! And then, after I did get used to looking through the top of my classes to see distance and the bottom to read, I started tilting my head down slightly when I looked out the window even without my glasses –like the act of looking up from slightly down would correct that blurry view.

    However, I really need new glasses, an I’ve been putting it off because it’s so darn expensive.

  2. We get new insurance after the first of the year so my husband and I are both in for new glasses. I have progressives (very expensive progressives) that I can’t see a dang thing with. For a musician, having never worn glasses before, this has been a horrible adjustment. The eye doctors and glasses stores don’t have any concept of what I need. No, I do not need to see the computer, I need to see the music AND the conductor. I gave up after 3 attempts at different lenses. Will try again in January. Until then, bright green cheaters for me and hope I don’t screw anything up too badly!

  3. I’ve had glasses since I was in my teens and progressives (no line) for close to 15 years. The last time I bought new glasses, the girl asked if I had considered soft lenses. One look in the nearest mirror told me No, no, no – because my glasses do actually hide crow’s feet and weekend bags…

  4. Hang in there, Karen. It only gets worse. I also started at 1.25 the age of 48. I’m now 54 and am using 2.0’s. Got my first prescription of reading glasses but still use the readers more and now the distance vision is going…what’s a person to do but grin and bear it.

  5. Meh – amateurs. I’ve been wearing glasses (to correct myopia) since I was in grade 3.

    Switched to contact lenses at age 20. LOVE THEM (I was like you, Karen – couldn’t stand the thought of poking something into my eyes – still shudder at the thought of laser surgery)
    Around age 45, started having trouble reading the fine print on things in the grocery store. Finally bought reading glasses. The optometrist suggested monovision contact lenses (they correct your dominant eye for distance, and you use a weaker Rx in the other eye for reading) Worked like a charm…. for a few years. Then I started having to wear reading glasses for fine work, even with the monovision lenses.THEN they switched me to lenses to correct astigmatism.
    The last time I went back (a month ago), my eyesight had improved! I now wear a weaker Rx for monovision lenses with no reading glasses (yet.) And my prescription had changed enough that I also had to get new glasses to wear when I’m not wearing my contacts.
    Ummm – why did I feel the need to tell you all of that?
    I forget. Pass the wine.

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