Petrified Wood  (photo would have been lost in my laptop but thankfully rescued from flickr)

Petrified Wood (photo from June 2012: would have been lost in my laptop but thankfully rescued from my free flickr account)


Mother’s Day  can be fraught with danger, whether that danger comes from unmet expectations or emotional landmines of the past — or a combination of both.  But occasionally, it can be filled with delightful surprises, and this past Sunday was one of those occasions.

I’m now going to beg your pardon as I take a moment to brag on my boys.

Acts of Service is my love language; it’s the way I show love to my family and the things I best offer up to friends in crisis (well, that and hugs of course).  Packing school lunches, baking pies, and hospital vigils are tangible ways I can serve others.  I am going to refrain from analyzing whether or not my kids finally “get me” and simply enjoy the fact that instead of buying me some small gift I didn’t need, the 3 boys living in my house got busy after church and not only went nuts with the housecleaning (clean counter tops! clean tabletop! clean bathtub!) but they also detailed my car!  And since they needed time to get it all done, my husband took me on an impromptu picnic for lunch. I call that a winning combination! 

My married son wasn’t here to help with any of that, but he did call me in the afternoon and actually talked with me, telling me about his summer job (paid research in the field of his major). He was so busy with work and more credits than most humans can handle this past year that I hardly talked with him while he was in school, so I especially appreciated the time he took to call and talk on Sunday.


What are you thankful for this week?

11 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. (I still can’t believe there is no way to get your pictures back. I’m in severe denial about it.) My guys did a barbecue Sunday night. Nice that I didn’t have to cook, since we had just gotten back the day before and I was still sufferering from a 2 day headache.This weekend is my birthday and again, I don’t want much as I have too much stuff…so hopefully an option for not cooking will come my way!

  2. Aww that is a nice gift indeed. I’m lucky that my older boy (the one who lives on the other side of the country) likes to talk. We chat about once a week for at least an hour. My younger one very sweetly took me out to dinner for Mother’s Day.. but for various reasons, we did it yesterday. And I very much enjoyed it. Sons are cool when they grow up. 🙂

  3. Gift-Giving and Receiving is my dead-last love language. I’ve almost managed to convince my family of this so that I don’t have to do that fake smile when I open well-meaning gifts. And Act of Service is my #2! Sounds like you had a delightful Mother’s Day!

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