Keeping house

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Trying to blog while SuperDad is critiquing the Celtic Woman Christmas Celebration special on PBS is not the smartest or easiest thing to do.

It’s distracting. He keeps wanting me to agree with him. And mostly, I do — the women seem overly made up, the music has been [so far] American Christmas songs which do not lend themselves to showcasing the voices of the Celtic and bright pastel gowns remind me of candy-covered almonds, Why not reds and greens? And where are the elf hats?

Two sides of the table runner

Today was a busy sewing day. I’ve now got both sides of the runner completed and am ready to sew them together. This is the pattern I am following. It’s one of several created by my friend Lexi.

Freshly pressed batik fabric for the back of a quilt

While I was piecing and pressing this afternoon, SuperDad was outside putting up our lights in the sunshine (I think it might have gotten up to 40 degrees (4 C). He says he used all the LED holiday lights in our possession (we added to our stash this year thanks to a few yard sale deals).  I love the colors, but I might be begging for some additional strands… maybe some red lights in the Japanese Maple…

Do you put up outdoor lights (or inside lights in a window) this time of year?

8 thoughts on “Keeping house

  1. Since I live in an aåartment, I only have a single strand of white LED-lights around the livingroom window on the patio. I’m not entirely “on board” with decking out the entire house and garden with colored lights – because I thinks it’s wasteful and some decorations border on the tacky. A flagpole wrapped in red, blinking lights and an entire house covered in intensely blue lights just is too much.
    Love that runner, though!

  2. That batik is lovely! My friend decorates her back yard, so SHE can see it and enjoy it. Much smarter in my mind as they rarely use the front entrance with the garage being in the back. I know I gave her a lot of my lights when I moved into the apartment, but I might still have a string somewhere… I guess my answer would be no, I don’t these days.

  3. I love all your material choices –the runner looks fabulous and that batik is so lovely!

    We have a tiny pine tree outside that we put a string of colored lights on –who knows, it might need two this year 🙂 But we live far from the road, so on one sees our lights but us, when we come home after dark.

  4. omg I LOVE that batik fabric!!! That would make a awesome quilt in and of itself! Oh, and I meant to say on my last comment that I’m the one in my household who attempts to keep the thermostat at 68. I get home from work and it’s up to 76! Or I wake up in the morning and it’s up to 76! Dave likes it WARM!

  5. We’re putting up our lights this weekend. Sadly, the tree that I loved decorating by wrapping trunk and branches with 1200 tiny white lights had to be cut down this year. Well, I certainly have enough extra lights….time to find something creative to do with them!

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